The TrimChallenge system works for everyone. We encourage your employees to pick and choose program elements that appeal to them, from meal and exercise plans to individual or group challenges to comparing their health progress with friends and coworkers. By making their experience fun, personalized, and easy to use, we motivate your employees to stick with a health improvement solution that really achieves results.


People are much more likely to stick with healthy behavior changes if they have a support network. TrimChallenge offers many ways for participants to feel motivated and encouraged as they improve their health.


Some people perform better with a little healthy competition. TrimChallenge lets people challenge others to see who is achieving better health – and allows companies to set up global challenges to motivate employees too.


Who doesn’t love to be rewarded for a job well done? TrimChallenge lets you customize rewards to suit the needs of your employees, whether they’re badges for reaching health milestones or real-life incentives like time off work.

Tips For Employees

In the Harvard Business Review blog, Peter Bregman, strategic advisor to CEOs and their leadership teams, offers these helpful strategies to improve follow-through when it comes to exercise:

  • Create an environment that supports your workout goals. Have your gym clothes sitting by your bed and put them on first thing when you wake up. In fact, work out first thing, before your mind realizes what you’re doing.
  • Use a trainer or commit to work out with a friend. It’s harder to argue against your accountability to another person.
  • Decide when and where you’re going to work out – literally write it in your calendar – and the likelihood of follow-through will increase dramatically.
  • Commit to a concrete plan that is simple to quantify: 45 minutes of movement a day, cut out sugar, go to the gym six days a week.
  • Realize that the follow-through challenge will only last a few seconds. As soon as you put your sneakers on and start heading to the gym, your mind will give up arguing with you.
  • Discipline will be useful for the first week as you get back into working out. But after that, momentum will take over and the pleasure of feeling more fit will quiet the internal chatter.
  • Finally, think of all the above as a multifaceted campaign. A checklist that you should go through each day to make sure you are stacking the deck in your favor.